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Experience The Best Zumba Classes In Dubai ?

There's no better place to join group zumba classes in DXB than Heart Of Dance -

considered by many to be raising the bar for "zumba lovers" in Dubai

 Winner Crown Cup Dubai 2021


Top Dance School

 Winner Crown Cup Dubai 2021


Top Female Teacher

 Winner Fabulous Cup Barcelona 2019


Top Dance Studio

 Winner Crown Cup Dubai 2018


Top Male Teacher


Zumba is a Latin-inspired cardio-based dance class that has taken the fitness world by storm.


A much-loved aerobic workout, our group Zumba classes ooze energy and burns 🔥 calories. 


Our instructors bring an unparalleled level of professionalism but that doesn't stop them from having lots of fun!!!

If you're looking to get fit, healthy, and happier, come down to one of our group Zumba classes.

"I regret that time I went to a Zumba Class!" ( Said nobody ever 😉 )

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