Historically, the term "Swing" referred to the style of jazz music, which inspired the evolution of the dance. Swing dance, therefore, is a group of dances that developed with the swing style of jazz music in the 1920s–1940s, with the origins of each dance predating the popular "swing era".


If you are interested in swing dance classes in Dubai, we would be delighted to teach you the jive, which falls within the modern swing dance category; and also the American Smooth Foxtrot, an elegant dance well suited to jazz music and social settings.


Jive originated in the United States from African-Americans in the early 1940s. It is a lively and uninhibited variation of the earlier forms of Swing dance such as the Jitterbug.

The basic look and feel of jive is that it is performed with lots of energy, with the legs portraying a pumping action.


The foxtrot It is believed to be named after a key popularizer, entertainer Harry Fox. It is typically danced to big band swing-style music. Over time, the foxtrot split into slow and quick versions, referred to as "foxtrot" and "quickstep" respectively. 


Foxtrot is a smooth progressive dance characterized by long, continuous flowing movements across the dance floor.

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