Our Social and Salsa Dance Classes in Dubai

Our social and salsa dance classes in Dubai will build your understanding of various social dances like salsa dance, their unique fundamental movements, and the rhythmic elements they involve. With our social dance and salsa dance classes, you will not only learn the motions of each dance, but also grow an appreciation for the influences and cultures behind them.


Salsa Dance

Salsa dance is a well-known dance form that began and flourished in the Caribbean. The social dance grew alongside salsa music in the mid-1970s, as it became a popular phenomenon in New York. Due to its widespread acceptance over the years, different regions of the United States and Latin America have developed their own unique salsa dance classes and variations. Some variants are the New York, Cali Colombia, Los Angeles, Puerto Rican, and Cuban styles. Salsa dance socials are celebrated in indoor and outdoor venues, such as ballrooms, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs, and oftentimes as part of an outdoor festival.

Argentine Tango

As the name implies, the Argentine tango is a dance that originated in Argentina, specifically in its capital city of Buenos Aires. While it bears a similar name, it is quite different from Tango in American and International ballroom dancing. Argentine Tango leans towards improvisation and artistic interpretation while simultaneously encouraging connection between dancers, the music, and the dance environment. 




A term that literally translates to “party”, Bachata is a music and dance style that originates from the Dominican Republic. Its themes often involve romance, heartbreak, and loss, often revolving around the loss of a loved one or the problems of finding oneself. It is a social dance that is used widely around the world, but variations often differ from one another. The fundamentals involve a three-step combined with a Cuban hip motion, which is followed by a tap that features hip movement on the fourth beat.



A dance that is shared by the Dominican Republic and its neighbouring country Haiti, the Merengue goes by many different tempos, which is one thing that makes this dance unique. More often, the Dominican versions build on a pace that accelerates towards the later part of the dance. The most favoured variation in dance clubs and restaurants is a moderately slow Bolero, which breaks into a Merengue before taking on a fast and bright tempo as it approaches its end. On the other hand, the ballroom version of the Merengue is often slower, featuring a modified hip motion.


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