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Looking For The Best Salsa Classes In Dubai ?

There's no better place to join salsa classes in DXB than Heart Of Dance -

considered by many to be the "MECCA" of Salsa in Dubai

 Winner Crown Cup Dubai 2021


Top Dance School

 Winner Crown Cup Dubai 2021


Top Female Teacher

 Winner Fabulous Cup Barcelona 2019


Top Dance Studio

 Winner Crown Cup Dubai 2018


Top Male Teacher


Salsa, a well-known latin dance form that began and flourished in the Caribbean is a fun style of dance and we pride ourselves on creating an energetic and friendly environment in which salsa dancers from all walks of life and of all levels can come together to enjoy this dance and music that we love so much.


We have male and female instructors for every level and our instructors are not only brilliant dancers but also experienced salsa instructors, having coached students who have won salsa events at international dance competitions.

Whether you’re learning your first basic steps or have been burning up the dance floor for years, we have something for you.

  • Heart Of Dance Beginners Salsa Classes

  • Heart Of Dance Intermediate Salsa Classes

  • Heart Of Dance Advanced Salsa Classes

Que viva la salsa!



These classes provide a comprehensive introduction to the dance with beginner salsa dancers in mind.

Each class begins with exercises to get you moving comfortably to the Latin rhythms and sounds.


From here, we help you transition into fundamental footwork, called “basic steps,” which consist of 6 steps danced to an 8-count beat. 

Once you are comfortable with the movement and rhythm, we will move into variations of the basic steps and add some simple turns.

The next level of the classes introduces beginners to the concept of partnering and how to combine steps into patterns to be used in a social dance setting.

Finally, we will work with you on creativity, showing you different salsa styling techniques and variations of basic steps to help you learn and develop your own style. 

We host group sessions twice a week, where beginners can feel comfortable experimenting and developing their skills in low pressure and friendly setting.

During the course, students will also learn the history and culture of salsa music and dance, including salsa etiquette, floor craft, and partner safety, equipping you with everything you need to get out on the dance floor!



One of Heart of Dance's most popular classes, intermediate salsa dance lessons, addresses three significant aspects of social salsa dancing: communication, style, and spinning technique.

Our salsa instructors use turn patterns to demonstrate the essential leading and following techniques necessary for non-verbal communication on the dance floor.

Leaders will learn how to execute figures with the appropriate signals, timing, and momentum.

Followers will learn how to respond rapidly to these signals with the appropriate body resistance and speed. 


This aspect of the course aims to facilitate clear and seamless social dancing with a variety of dance partners.


The turn patterns demonstrated in each class will vary, but the skills emphasized will remain the same. 


Our instructors will also present variations in styling that students can use with each figure.


Overall, both leaders and followers are taught to develop a social dancing technique that is comfortable, effective, and impressive.



“Shines” - where partners break away from each other to execute solo footwork are worked on to help the dancer feel more confident and to, simply put, shine on the dance floor!

Advanced spinning techniques, requiring the development of speed and precision, will be covered in detail. 

Technique drills will be a routine part of each class, followed by a close examination of body alignment, balance, momentum, hand & arm positioning, and timing during partner work spins.

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