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Itchy feet, and nowhere to go?

Summer is officially here and for those that have been in the UAE for some time, you know how brutal it gets! Soaring temperatures and rising humidity make being outdoors unbearable. Beaches are like frying pans. Most of us would be looking forward to a much deserved summer getaway around now, but with travel restrictions and the threat of a second wave infection in many countries, many of us are instead faced with staying put this summer

Although commercial businesses have resumed and bars and pubs were briefly reopened, I don't know about you, but the idea of being in a crowded and enclosed indoor space still makes me nervous. So here we are, summer is here, nowhere to go, and not a whole lot to do. Definitely first world problems, and we are really fortunate to live in a country where the pandemic response has been well organized, but that doesn't stop me from feeling restless. I'm trying to channel my energy towards productive pursuits.

Keeping up with my dance practice - with the studio still relatively quiet, now is a great time to get those dance lessons in as you have plenty of space to yourself to practice. Like they say, if you're not moving forward, you're moving backwards. So even though I'm disappointed that many competitions are cancelled, I resolve to keep my own progress constant. Apart from dancing I've started doing some home strength training and stretching, which has also been really helpful.

Learning a new skill - for me this is a new language, but for you it could be a new hobby, new sport or new dance form. If you have a partner, you could drop by our studio and learn some social dances (salsa, bachata, argentine tango) - hey, sure, dance clubs are closed but that doesn't mean we can't still dance! If you're a competitor, maybe it's time to start working on that 4th or 5th dance in your category so that you will be ready to dance the 5-dance challenges and scholarships in the next competition?

Expanding your mind - I've read so many books over the last few months, spanning topics such as genetics, AI, agriculture, business, and more. And I've been blown away by how fast science and technology is advancing right now. Case in point, it used to take years to develop a new vaccine, but today, within a year of the start of the pandemic, around 10 vaccines have entered or are about to enter phase 3 trials.

So, a bit of a rambling post this time, but we hope everyone is keeping well, and it is so nice to see all the new and familiar faces in the studio again. Let's make the most of the situation and try to have a good summer ahead!

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